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About Us

At Integrated Training and Support Services, LLC, we are transforming the lives of youth and young adults. As a recognized leader in educational support and skills training, we specialize in developing and delivering training programs that build academic, life and employability skills for at-risk youth and and young adults – many of whom are economically and socially disadvantaged with educational deficiencies that impede employment opportunities.


Each day, Integrated Training staff passionately instruct, assess, evaluate, and advocate for the success of participants in our programs. In doing so, we collaborate with participants on the acquisition, development, and mastery of essential skills. Integrated Training and Support Services, LLC, has been designing training programs for more than two decades, so we know what works. We understand that people learn from practicing, not just listening. We strive to provide the kind of skills young people and adults need to get back on track. We constantly adapt to what the market needs and employers want when searching for new talent and prepare our participants to best fulfill those roles.


 We are noted for innovative, competency-based program designs that produce behavioral change, application of skills, educational gain, independent living, financial stability, and job placement. Integrated Training and Support Sevices programs are designed to meet the outcome specifications of the funding source and fulfil the community needs, and are capable of being offered through a local delivery agent, or as a turn-key delivery option utilizing Integrated Training and Support Services staff. Integrated Training and Support Services unique blend of services come together at the intended destination: lasting academic, career, and life success.


 At Integrated Training and Support Services, people make all the difference. Our deep and diverse staff uses its collective knowledge and experience to provide participants with the tools and strategies for lasting success. With many years of experience in teaching — and reaching — at-risk learners, Integrated Training and Support Services educators bring out the best in people, including ourselves. Our corporate culture encourages critical thinking and problem solving while emphasizing instructional integrity and fidelity. Our staff is passionate about providing these services through our programs and bring out the best from each and every one of our participants.

 In our programs, we reach learners on their level and then raise them to new heights, applying innovative technics and complete an undivided staff dedication. Through targeted instruction, individualized and small-group efforts, and initial and ongoing assessment and evaluation, we consistently meet — and exceed — learner outcomes.


 we adapt to provide a diverse array of services directly based on the local needs, and to accomplish this Paxen partners with area institutions and organizations to collaborate and enrich the lives — and livelihoods — of our learners. Such collaboration begins with our partners, with whom we craft program designs, and extends to area colleges, universities, faith-based organizations, workforce boards, military branches, and industries, with which we offer a wide range of essential academic, career, and life skills education.

The results for our learners are always the same: lasting academic, career, and life success. We deliver. We succeed. We change lives
We are please to offer flexible scheduling to meet the training needs of your organization. Training classes can be scheduled during regularly scheduled work hours or during evening and wekend hours. What works best for your organization, works for us as well.
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